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How Forskolin works?

Dietary supplement Forskolin contains 100% extract of the Indian nettle root in a high dose of 400 mg! Regularly applying of the forskolin stimulates the lipolysis processes and thanks to that the organism burns the fat itself! What is more, the synthesis of fat in the adipose cells is repressed. Forskolin pills support also the production of insulin, thanks to that the level of sugar in blood stays on a stable and proper level and the hunger pangs are eliminated.

  • Successful obesity therapy
  • Repressing the evolution of tumors
  • Antidepressant effect
  • Minimizes the asthma and allergy symptoms
  • Regulates the blood circulation
  • Minimizes the inflammatory processes

The effect of Forskolin was proven in the scientific research

Forskolin is the substance which activates the production of cyclic AMP (cAMP). This enzyme affects the speed of the adipose tissue metabolism process. The more concentration of cAMP, the more fat is burnt! Scientific research conducted by the scientific team of Bristow and Ginsburg proved that Forskolin increases the level of cAMP even 6 times. This means that your organism will burn even 600% fat more than normally!

The test was also conducted in which the first half of examined people took 50 mg of Forskolin daily whereas the other half took only a placebo. After a month the results appeared to be spectacular because in the group with placebo the average weight loss was at the level of 0,5 kg where in the group with Forskolin there was a 4,5 kg average weight loss, so 9 times more!

How to use Forskolin?

The Producer recommends taking one pill daily after breakfast or during the dinner drinking a glass of water. One pill contains 400 mg of pure extract of the Indian nettle. The supplement is fully natural, so there are no side effects.

Forskolin pills help to burn even 9 times more of fat than normally!

Opinions about Forskolin pills

Whenever I tried to lose weight, I was not only hungry but also very weak. I lacked the energy to do even the elementary things. With Forskolin I had a lot of energy and the slimming effects were seen with the naked eye! I lost 17 kg and I can recommend this supplement to everyone!


I got rid of obesity in just two months and this is a great success for me. It would not be possible without the Forskolin. After the first package I lost 8 kg and after the second 7 kg. Now I weight 15 kg less and I am happy just as I am. Thank you!


The sticking out belly was a real complex for me. I bought Forskolin pills, took it and after 3 months when I looked in the mirror I was shocked – my belly was gone. This is what I like! With Forskolin I lost 21 kg. Now my wife is taking it and also is very happy with the effects.


Join them and be happy with your slim figure!

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